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The Little Extras on Your Homeowners Insurance!

If you own a standard homeowners insurance policy, you must realize that you are not covered for anything that is not part of the listed general liability. It is a basic plan that covers losses as a result of:

• Lightening

• Fire

• Smoke damage caused by an accident

• Theft

• Graffiti and any other form of vandalism

• Airplane and auto accidents

• Water damage from an accidental source

• Fallen items

• Riots and civil unrest

Your standard home insurance usually will not cover you for damages and losses from

• Floods (you can access coverage through the government’s flood insurance program)

• Earthquakes, landslides and mudslides as well as sinkholes

• Termites, other insects, rats, mice, birds or other pests

• Frozen pipes (in most cases)

• Losses when your home is vacant for the amount of days written in your insurance policy

• Wear and tear, decaying, poor maintenance, contamination

• Wind / hail damages occurring on trees and shrubbery

• Mold, save for instances where development is a result of a covered loss.

• Damages resulting from water coming from ongoing and recurring pipe leaking

• Liability from owning or usage of a vehicle, airplanes, or specified types of boats

• Deliberate damaging acts performed by your or anyone who lives in your home

• Warfare or a nuclear threat

While the second list describing damages and losses that are not covered by a standard policy seems extensive enough, homeowners owning this basic form of coverage may find comfort in the following little known facts.

A standard Homeowners Insurance plan also covers the examples listed below:

Cemetery Headstone Coverage

So, you thought your policy is only in regard to your home and private property! You have another thing coming to you. If you are the primary caretaker of a headstone – even if it is located in a far off cemetery – you may be protected from any damages to it. With replacement costs quite expensive, this can be helpful to any family affected by the scenario.

University Dorm Robberies Coverage

Though your college-age son or daughter may not be physically residing within your home, he or she may still be protected by the coverage. If they become victim to theft while living on the school campus dorm, you may be able to claim for the losses.

Falling Objects Coverage

You may have heard of indiscriminate damage from objects falling from the skies – including airplane parts. Should something like this occur and your home is damaged as a result, you likely can make an insurance claim. This becomes more commonplace during a storm when tree limbs fall on a house roof.

Food Spoilage

Your standard Homeowners insurance will pay for food stored within a refrigerator or freezer during a blackout if the losses are covered.

Credit Card Fraud

If your credit card is stolen and used to pay for items you did not buy, your standard policy will likely pay for the incurred damages.

For more information pertaining to these extra things covered by your standard home insurance plan, be sure to contact an experienced independent agent. The right insurance professional will be glad to educate you about the pros and cons of this basic form of protection – or any other policy that may relate to your individual situation.

by M Wyzanski